Location: Los Angeles, CA

Genre: Jazz

Years Active: 2010 - Present

Management Contact: Nina Ragonese

Dave Koz, on "Day to Day"

SO well done, this album. Really enjoyed the vibe so much. It is more traditional in nature, but there’s a youthful heft here…something in the approach that makes it sound very fresh, pushing the envelope. You’ve carved out a real sound here, Michael…and we all know how tough that is to do. Bravo!

- Dave Koz


Short Bio:

Michael Ragonese is a Los Angeles based pianist, composer, arranger, and educator. He received his Bachelors of Music in Jazz Studies at California State University Northridge, where he led jazz combos to 1st place at the Reno and Monterey Jazz Festivals, also receiving the “Best College Performer” award at the Reno Jazz Festival. In 2017, Michael took 2nd place out of 8 piano finalists across the world in Lee Ritenour's Six String Jazz competition.


Day to Day - Michael Ragonese
Jolly Rancher - Michael Ragonese

Michael's Debut Album


JUNE 1, 2019

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My upcoming album Day to Day is a huge step for both my career and personal growth. Since college I’ve set goals for myself and timelines for meeting those goals, and I’ve tried to meet all of them right on track. I’ve been so big-picture focused since I decided to pursue music and now that I’m deeper into my career, I get tired of being the “big-picture” guy all the time and find myself trying to slow down and take life day to day. After years of living one way, the concept of living day to day and just staying in a present moment is not something I do well. But there are reminders all around me – things like a spinning ceiling fan, a jolly rancher sitting on a table, a dream about visiting Italy, a glass of wine accidentally knocked over. 

After deciding which songs I wanted to include on this album it became very clear that the one thing they each had in common was that they were all inspired by day to day life and everything that that encompasses – both the mundane and the extraordinary, the melancholy and the ecstatic."

- Michael Ragonese

"The album has no shortage of contrast and ranges from up-tempo vehicles for showcasing soloists...to more introspective pieces like "Day to Day." The title track paints an evocative narrative arc with its melody and opens up into one of Ragonese's most compelling solos."

- Paul Naser, All About Jazz

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